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Why should I use Notion during the UX discovery phase?

Notion is ideal for use during the product research and design phase of large projects to centralize all product information, making it accessible to all team members. This wiki-style page allows you to manage the system's databases through features like search, tag application, page responsibility assignment, and validation.

The UX Designer Suite is perfect for your product team to use during the product discovery and definition phases, though it isn't designed for UI design. Using this system offers the following benefits:

  1. Comprehensive framework: It provides a structured approach to common UX terms during the initial stage of projects, bridging business and product worlds.
  2. Holistic view: With all databases on the same page, this template aids in understanding the complete picture and accessing key information quickly.
  3. Collaborative platform: Notion's collaborative features make remote teamwork easier, fostering collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Template content

  1. General: Use this section for team’s decision-making threads and important documentation:
    • Threads: Track all relevant discussions and decisions.
    • Docs: Store project documentation and tag when checked.
  2. Research: This section is for gathering data and information from customers, users, competitors, and other stakeholders:
    • Interviews: Store, track, and review all stakeholder interactions.
    • Insights: Collect data and information to increase project knowledge.
    • Ideas: Generate new outputs from previous insights in brainstorming workshops.
    • Benchmark: Analyze competitors, platforms, and other factors.
  3. Definition: This section frames specific questions to be answered with the research:
    • Business model: Define all dimensions of the new business venture.
    • Experiments: Use this database for projects or milestones needed to reach business objectives.
    • Tasks: Detail what needs to be done to achieve experiment results and learn.
  4. Design: This section develops new tailored services from the previous phases:
    • Services: Use this database to curate, validate and prioritize features, epics, or services.
    • Persona: Create archetypes that match the business and product requirements to a type of user.
    • Design system: Store the first design units (UI) of the project in this database.

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Notion Design Hub

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